Are you experiencing problems with both your air conditioner and your heating system? Are they making a strange sound or breaking more frequently? If that is the case, then it’s time you replace both of them. Even if one of them is breaking much more frequently than the other, you can still replace both of them; in fact, it’s much more beneficial to do so. At Central Services, we offer both air conditioning services and heating services for a great price. If you’re considering replacing your air conditioner or your heater, then now is the time to do it.


The Best Time To Get A New Air Conditioner And Heater

Do you know the best time to get a new air conditioner? Now! Now is the time to replace both your air conditioner and your heater. The reason behind this is because it’s the off season for both of these utilities. First, now that it’s springtime you can – hopefully – stop using your heating system. Second, the weather is not blisteringly hot, so you don’t have to use your air conditioner yet. The spring and the fall are both perfect times to have your air conditioner and heater replaced. It’s considered to be the ‘off season’ for both of these utilities because the weather is at the perfect point. It’s not too hot, and it’s not too cold.

The Benefits To Replacing Your Air Conditioner and Heater Together

If you’re wondering why you need to replace your air conditioner and heater together, there are many solid benefits. Even if you aren’t having problems with your heater, but you are with your air conditioner, it’s still a good idea to have them both replaced together. When you replace them together most places will give you a deal on having both the air conditioner and the heater installed at the same time. Check out some of our deals to see how you would best benefit from our services.

Energy Efficient

These days we’re all very cautious about how much energy we use. From saving money on water usage to the types of utensils and plates we use, we’re all trying to reduce our footprint on the earth. By reducing your footprint you’re also able to save money in new and innovative ways. For instance, when you replace both your heater and your air conditioner, you’re able to save on energy and the amount of money you spend in bills. Systems that were built only about 15 years ago use a lot more energy than newer models today. When you purchase a newer air conditioner or heater you’re able to save on energy by using less power while saving yourself money.

Matching Systems Work Better Together

Unlike mixing and matching your socks or other appliances in your home, it’s best not to mix and match your air conditioner and heater. When you mix newer technology such as an air conditioner with a heater, it will decrease the performance for both of these machines due to the fact they share the same air handler or blower. When the systems match up they will work properly, unlike if there is an older system and a newer one together. When you replace only one machine and put it together with an older system – no matter how well it works – both of them won’t match up well together and neither will work to their full potential.

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